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  • Guarantee #1 - Raymond will help you get a Perfect Topic and Title.
  • ​Guarantee #2 - Raymond will reveal the Perfect Book Length.
  • ​Guarantee #3 - You will have ONE YEAR to complete the 10-10-10™ Program.
  • Guarantee #4 - ​You will have more Authority, even before your book is done.
  • Guarantee #5 - ​Using 10-10-10™ Ghost Writing Protocol, Raymond will write your Foreword.


  • Guarantee #6 - Raymond will assign his own Personal Book Architect to you.
  • Guarantee #7 - Once your Book is written, Raymond will Publish your Book.
  • Guarantee #8 - Raymond will also publish any Subsequent Book you ever write.
  • ​Guarantee #9 - Raymond will list your book for sale on www.Amazon.com and you keep all proceeds.
  • ​​Guarantee #10 - At his own expense, Raymond will host your Official Book Launch to promote you and your book, where you sell your book and keep 100% of the sales.
  • ​​Guarantee #11 - You will receive a Personalized Award at your Official Book Launch.

About Raymond Aaron...

Raymond Aaron is an internationally renowned speaker, New York Times Top 10 best selling author, and the ONLY to have Authored TWO 'Chicken Soup for The Soul Series' books AND a 'For Dummies' book... in addition to his own best seller, 'Double Your Income Doing What You Love'.

In total, Raymond has authored or co-authored 148 books.

For the last 39 years Raymond has been considered one of the world's leading authorities in success and goal achievement and has traveled the world as a highly respected speaker, mentor, adventurer and coach to thousands around the world!
Here's What RAYMOND's 10-10-10™ Members Have To Say About The program...
"My first book spotted next to Bob Dylan and a book about Vermeer 😅 And my second book has just been sent for formatting. Thank you Raymond, Liz, Lisa and Waqas."
— Dmitry Badiarov
"I am so happy and grateful for receiving this publisher's award for my new book, Queen of Needlework, which is available on Amazon.com. Thank you Raymond Aaron for this award and all the awesome support you and your staff provide."
— Dia Cha
"I’m REALLY happy to have received my first copy of my book! It’s been an amazing journey with my book architect and can’t wait for my book launch on June 6th at the Get Your Book done workshop! Big thanks too Raymond Aaron for this opportunity to become an authority! I’m 19 years old!"
— Elizabeth Abols
"Life changing! That is how I describe my experience with Raymond and his team. I am not young. I have had many experiences with personal development programs, books and videos. Raymond Aaron and his team surpass all expectations of support and services they offer. I feel truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to meet Raymond and
working with his team."
— Tim Murphy
"Being able to work with Raymond Aaron and write a book has been the best thing that has happened to me in 2022. Not only is he a wonderful book mentor, but he is also a generous, compassionate and brilliant mentor. I couldn't have planned this, and it certainly is divinely guided that I found Raymond Aaron. Thank you, Raymond Aaron. Thank you everyone at The Raymond Aaron Group! Author of the upcoming book, Dance the 
Music of Your Soul."
— Deborah DIppolito
"I signed up for the 10 10 10 program and learned a lot more about life from this program, especially about a happy and peaceful life, not only how to write my book. Thanks Raymond and thanks to the whole team. You are wonderful. I recommend. I recommend.
I recommend"
— Zara Krivec
"Raymond is really knowledgeable and inspiring. He knows a lot. Definitely a great mentor. And his 10-10-10 program is amazing- it helps an ordinary person to get his book published easily! Really recommend him
and his course."
— Ruth Liu
"Raymond and his team are phenomenal. They made my book writing and publishing process so seamless. Raymond enabled me redesign my products and transformed my business completely. Thank you Raymond and your amazing team for all you do!!!
You are a genius."
— Magbor Atem
"I’ve know Raymond for many years and have also attended his book writing training course. He has amazing content to share and does so with passion. He is someone that I trust and I would highly recommend his course."
— Darren Winters
"Raymond is such a Bright, smart and such an interesting person. I love his presentations. I always learn a lot and it is never boring learning from him. I also like his funny laugh. Raymond just inspires me a lot ! I can't wait to write my book thanks to his
10-10-10 Program"
— Monia Saadi
"Amazing Mentor and Coach, really helpful with my book writing, guidance was great and the team very supportive. I highly recommend you attend his programmes. Amazing!!!"
— D Choto
"The online systematic foundation was excellent, as were: Barb Powers, the editorial assistant/PBA who kept me kindly motivated and plugging, WaQas the book cover designer who has intuitive and artistic skills even beyond his technical finesse and Head Liz who responded with a solution even on nights and weekends in a pinch! #Grateful"
— Rev. Dr. E-K Daufin

Recent Successful Authors Launched Books Using The 10-10-10™ Program

Arthur Dresch
Author of
"How I Became Rich In Real Estate"
Rev. Dr. E-K Daufin
Author of
"On Fat And Faith"
Pravin Shinde
Authors of
"Change The World"
Juanita Santillan
Author of
"Superfoods Heal Your Body"
Lisa Adrienne
Author of
"Unleash Your Potential"
Maureen Kuchta
Author of
"How to Win After Weight Loss Failures"
Diana Morris
Authors of
"The Power of Resilience"
Cheryl Thibault
Author of
"Career In The Beauty Industry"
Lisa Adrienne
Author of
"Unleash Your Potential"
Tinu Adeshile
Author of
"Elevate And Grow Your Company"
Rookamah Goldston
Authors of
"Epically Awesome"
Marleide Feitosa
Author of
"To Daddy With Love"
David Charnock
Author of
"None The Wiser"
Bolade Abiola
Author of
"The Frontline Defenders"
Cheryl Francis
Authors of
"A Heroine's Journey"
Webster Musaemura
Author of
"Whisper From The Universe"
Linda Yao CPA
Author of
"How To Be The Money Master Millionaire"
Krishna KC
Author of
"The Journey of Hope & Global Humanitarianism"
Crisanto Walli
Authors of
"Life After Death"
Patrick F. Guinn
Author of
"Creating Champs"
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