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Effortlessly Achieve All Your Personal,
Professional, Financial & investment Goals.
Developed and proven over a 23 year period...
Raymond Aaron's Monthly Mentor® Program is the most powerful system on the planet for
creating dramatic life change, improving relationships, skyrocketing financial status,
reducing stress, and creating personal freedom! 
Raymond Aaron's Monthly Mentor® Goal Achievement Program is a proven system for reaching every goal you set for yourself. 
  • Eliminating debt and creating a financial fortress around you and your family. 
  •  Live the life you've always dreamed without limitations of time, money, fear or doubt.  
  •  Living every day with passion, confidence, motivation, and a clear vision for the future.  
  •  Rapidly grow professionally in work or business and be seen as the authority in your field.
  •  Doubling your income doing what you're most passionate about.
The Monthly Mentor® Program can help you do all this and much more!
If you're tired of living in fear or worry and you want to setup and take control of the life you truly deserve ... And you're finally ready to make the change and enjoy the wealth and happiness you know is possible then the Monthly Mentor Program can take you there! 
Here's What You'll Learn Inside
Monthly Mentor®
  • Locate that "sweet-spot" balance between the different "modes" of your existence: work, family, health, hobbies, and more.
  •  Possess absolute confidence you are performing at your highest level possible (I'll help you find the tools to help you do _exactly that).
  •  Know beyond the shadow of any doubt you are doing exactly what you should be doing with your life (no more second guessing!)
  •  Make an indelible mark upon all the people you wish to ... so you can easily spread your influence as far and wide as you want.
  •  Leave a lasting legacy for your family, friends, and community, so that you will always be remembered for leaving the world a better place.
  •  Have more energy to complete your work and have plenty left over for recreation ... never depend on caffeine or energy drinks again!
  •  Easily earn as much money as you need, so that you can provide for those you love and the causes important to you.
  •  The number one method of earning more every year, while freeing up time for vacations or taking care of your health or whatever you want to do.
  •  How to get more done with less time and energy.
  •  Six goal recording rules and you will maximize your successes in reaching your milestones.
  •  How to get much more accomplished by focusing on RESULTS, not effort.
  •  How you can easily "earn the right" to experience more successes in every area of your life.
  •  How to Transform them into the very thing that will help your goals become reality.
  •  The "giant bulldozer" method of eliminating those things from your life that you don't want anymore.
  •  The single, most completely ethical way to get people to do more of what you want.
  •  The single-most trait that sets apart high income earners from virtually all middle-to-low income earners.
  •  How to achieve BIG goals, no matter how many times you have failed before.
  •  The lightning-fast method of honing in on what you really want out of life, so that you always get what you want.
  •  How to make your product or service most appealing to your prospects.
  •   Live a full and happy life with no regrets, so you'll never have to say to yourself ... "I wish I would have ... "
You'll learn all this and more inside the program.
There's only one way. 
Here's What The Experts Say About Raymond Aaron's
Monthly Mentor® program ...
"He has literally helped me double my income while doing what I love, when I say double, it's like double, and then double again and then double again, and then double again ..."

Jack Canfield

Co-creator, The 'Chicken Soup For The Soul' franchise with over 500 million copies sold. New York Times Best Selling Author, 'The Success Principles'

"I thank Raymond Aaron and his (teachings) on goal-setting for helping me achieve more with less stress." 

Robert Kiyosaki

New York Times bestselling author, 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' and world leading financial education authority.

Program Includes...
The Foundation
The Resource
Goal Handbook
My 23 minute goal handbook. This little booklet will help you start seeing results immediately.
Double Your Income
My hardcover book – Double Your Income Doing What You Love. I’ve never included this before!
  •  Monthly Mentor® Goals Handbook
  •  Double Your Income Doing What You Love - Hardcover Book 
  •  Exclusive online access to Members Only area
  •  Raymond will answer all your questions via email
  •  The Foundation Material
  •  The Resource Material 
  •  1-Minute Mentor™ Video Series 
  •  Live 2-Day Monthly Mentor® University
  • Module 1 -- Understanding The MAINLY™: what I call the “Six Pathways of Life”. In this module, you’ll find complete definitions of the six pathways and numerous examples of goals you can create. You’ll also discover the importance of writing at least one goal for each pathway every month, coupled with my process that will insure your goals are achieved.
  •  Module 2 -- Annual Love Letters™: discover your true “loves” so you can pursue them with passion. In this module, you will complete a powerful new exercise to discover everything you truly love to do.
  •  Module 3 -- My Life Missions™: focus on what is truly important in your life. This module provides an easy way to determine what’s truly important to you… what you would like to be remembered for in this lifetime.
  •  Module 4 -- Annual Backwards Goals™: the best way to focus your monthly efforts on your annual goals. In this module, I teach you the very best method of “reverse-engineering” the goals you have set for the coming year.
  • Module 5 -- Cleaning Messes™: how to clean up any discrepancy between what is inside you and what is outside of you. You will discover the importance of taking action right away to clean your “Messes”.
  •  Module 6 -- Delegation™: uncap the limits on your productivity. Learn why you don’t need to do everything yourself.
  •  Module 7 -- Simplified Goal Recording Rules™: how to properly record your goals so that you actually achieve them. My simple techniques will cause you to achieve your goals almost effortlessly… properly recording them is the key!
  •  Module 8 -- Recent Successes™: the simple method of duplicating your successes. Discover why the simple act of noticing your successes helps you achieve more, faster than ever before. Celebrating your achievements inspires you to build upon them.
  •  Module 9 -- Overcoming Obstacles™: transforming brakes into fuel for achieving your goals. You’ll learn the key to overcoming any obstacle…, amazingly enough, within the obstacle itself. Using a specially designed form, you’ll discover how to eliminate all the obstacles keeping you from achieving your toughest goals and moving forward in your life.
  • Module 10 -- The Priority Organizer™: ensure you get the important things done. You’ll learn the critical difference between what is urgent—what needs to be done quickly. And important—what you think is absolutely critical in your life.
  •  Module 11 -- Mastery of Acknowledgment™: the secret of endearing yourself to others. You’ll learn how sincere acknowledgments of others can encourage them to continue giving you more of what you acknowledged. You’ll see how an acknowledgment of one person often has an amazing ripple effect that affects others as well.
  •  Module 12 -- The Future Generator™: how to generate your own future. I’ll show you how to cultivate your own “idea reservoir” so that never “lose” great ideas. Also, you’ll learn to prioritize these ideas properly.
  •  Module 13 -- The Total Ingredients Process™: turn your goals into results. This process outlines another powerful way to achieve very tough goals. (The other way to do it is outlined in Module 9, Overcoming Obstacles™.)
  •  Module 14 -- Their Viewpoint™: how to increase your sales… with less effort. This module teaches you how to link the characteristics of your company, your staff and yourself, plus the features of your products and services, to the benefits which your current and potential clients receive. When you learn how to look for and express the benefits that you, your company, your staff and your products and/or services offer, your income will rise, your company’s sales will increase, your personal and business relationships will improve and your self esteem will grow.
  •  Module 15 -- Designing My Ideal Life™: create a life you love. How to create a complete personalized lifetime system to help you continually get the most out of your mentored life.
You'll get instant access through online membership area complete with full home study guides, worksheets, audio reviews. 
  •  Everything is downloadable and printable to review at your convenience. 
  •  My system has worked for others ... and it will work for you too. 
  •  This is your opportunity to have a mentored life! 
ONLY $697
Add Family Members for Only $97 per month
  • The Foundation Material
  • The Resource Material
  • Monthly Mentor® Goals Handbook
  • Double Your Income Doing What You Love - Hardcover Book
  • 1-Minute Mentor™ Video Series
  • Exclusive online access to Members Only area
  • Raymond will answer all your questions via email
You'll get instant access through online membership area complete with full home study guides, worksheets, audio reviews. 
  •  Everything is downloadable and printable to review at your convenience. 
  •  My system has worked for others ... and it will work for you too. 
  •  This is your opportunity to have a mentored life! 
Paid in full
ONLY 2,497
(includes upfront fee plus 17 months)
Plus 2 FREE Extra Months
  • Online Classroom Sessions
  • Ongoing support with a Monthly Mentor Expert
  • Exclusive online access to Members Only area
  • The Foundation Material
  • The Resource Material
  • Monthly Mentor® Goals Handbook
  • 1-Minute Mentor™ Video Series
  • Raymond will answer all your questions via email
Payment plan
ONLY 995 
(For ONLY 995 Upfront )
Plus 97/month for 17 months
  • Online Classroom Sessions
  • Ongoing support with a Monthly Mentor Expert
  • Exclusive online access to Members Only area
  • The Foundation Material
  • The Resource Material
  • Monthly Mentor® Goals Handbook
  • 1-Minute Mentor™ Video Series
  • Raymond will answer all your questions via email
 Check out these success stories below
When I saw you on the stage I just knew your program was the right one for me. So without hesitation I rushed to sign up for your program.

The lessons that I learned enroute to achieving my goals are priceless…

Long story short I was hired for a March groundschool for WestJet Airlines! (see picture Whoa!!) Its like the universe bent over backwards to help me reach my goal! Insane!

Johan Gonzalez
Alberta, ON
Without your program we were just going through the motions. Your program jolted ideas, made us think outside the box, and most of all made us focus on our goals. 

Because of your program, I have expanded my real estate investing business, have become part owner in the company I was working for.

We are credit card debt free ($20K in 13 months), and have a passive income of $1100 per month. I literally have friends and family now offering me money and wanting to invest with me. 

What a great feeling. Making money and doing what I love. Our next goal is to be completely debt free in 5 years and have enough passive income to retire in 10. I’m going to do it in 7 (don’t tell the wife)!

Ron Nightingale
Fortworth, TX
Truth be told, we purchased Raymond Aaron's system, and then did not allocate much time to it for a few months and- nothing changed. However, demonstrating his genuine difference from most success coaches, Raymond provided an incentive to complete our goals, so we pulled the system out again.

Well, the results have been phenomenal! Raymond's system really works.

What did I achieve over the months of working with the...system?

A painful debt - gone. A CD of original music compositions (one that I was always 'going to create' - for 6 years) - done. The "Overcoming Obstacles" process identified my personal issues and the results happenned. And as for more joy in my life? I completed Raymond's special "Annual Love Letters", and realized I was actually not taking any time for the activities I truly 'love' in my life.

Raymond's system has worked for both my partner and I. Raymond did this for us, and we are personally grateful.

Thank you, Raymond.

Larry and Susan Rosen
Oshawa, ON
I was deeply entrenched in my habits of procrastination, and starting something immediately was not even in my vocabulary.  

I wanted to change careers and learn how to earn money in the stock and option market. I also wanted to get one of my short stories published as a stepping stone to becoming a novelist. 

I had been writing short stories intermittently for years, but I had never submitted any of them to a publisher. Once I started writing down my steps and measuring my progress with the MAINLY, the universe very quickly stepped in to help me, as it seems to be so happy to do once I set my mind to accomplishing something and make it concrete by putting it in writing.  

So I sent in the newly rewritten story to a publisher, and within a couple of weeks, I had gotten an acceptance! My story was one of only three stories that appeared in the very first edition of the magazine. Goal accomplished with amazing and unexpected ease!

I had been trying to dabble in stocks for many years, but I was terrified to actually make my first trade. Within a couple of months, I was signed up for classes and online services with a company that has many years of experience in teaching people to trade successfully — that’s some high powered delegation! 

Kevin Kiser
Palo Alto, CA
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