Program Overview
- What is Raymond’s Affiliate Program?
Raymond has created this program as a result of his commitment to you.

- How do I sign up?
Fill out the form below or contact affiliate@aaron.com

- What are the next steps if my application is accepted?
An Affiliate Agent will contact you within 24-48hrs.
Your assigned Affiliate Agent will work one on one with you as they are committed to assisting you grow your Affiliate Business!

- What does it cost to join?
Nothing. It’s free to become an affiliate partner!

Earning Commissions
- How much commission will I earn?
As an affiliate, you can earn a commission on qualifying sales.
You will earn commission on sales less any local taxes imposed, such as sales tax or VAT.

- How do I set up my payment information?
We mail a cheque straight to your mailing address you provided upon registration.

- How long will it take to be paid?
Affiliate payments are available 30 days after the date of sale.

Commission breakdown:
New Referrals
Any program you earn 50% commission on your first sale.
And it doesn’t end there!!

Any up-sells to existing referrals you will earn…
10% commission on programs
About Us
Raymond’s Affiliate program provides a unique way for you to earn money by spreading the word about Raymond’s programs.
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